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Bibl. level:AS
Type of publication:J
Literary ind.:E
English title:„Farm machine of 2011” competition
Other lang. title:Konkurs „Maszyna rolnicza roku 2011”
Language of other language title:Pl
Authors:Pawlicki, T. (Przemyslowy Instytut Maszyn Rolniczych, Poznan (Poland)),
Notes:8 fig., 4 tables
Serial title:Technika Rolnicza Ogrodnicza Lesna
Date od publ.-S:2011
Collation-S:v. 1 p. 2-5
Availability-S:Przemyslowy Instytut Maszyn Rolniczych, ul. Starolecka 31, PL-60-963 Poznan, Poland
Online avail.-S:
Prim.subj.categ.:N20-Agricultural machinery and equipment
Abstract:Title of „The Farm Machine of 2011” was awarded to following objects: in category „home machine” - Farmtrac 675DT Farm Tractor manufactured by Farmtrac Tractors Europe Sp. z o.o., Mragowo (Poland) and in category “import machine” - Kuhn HR303D+Venta LC Seedflex Tilling-and-Sowing Set manufactured by Kuhn S.A. (Germany). Distinction in category „home machine” was awarded to Kongskilde Terra D Compact Disc Harrow manufactured by Kongskilde Polska Sp. z o.o., Kutno (Poland)