Exact match of words:

 Tips on search
  • Enter search term(s) or click on Dictionary button
    to select terms from the dictionary.
  • Press SEARCH button to execute the query.
  • When entering more than one term in a search box, the system will separate them by a semicolon(;) eliminating the stopwords Semicolon will be interpreted by the system according to the choice of boolean operator.
     You may also type your ISIS logical operators:
      +  for OR
      ^  for AND NOT
      *  for AND
    In this case, the operators in the boolean selection box are not active and they do not affect operators specified in the query.
  • Use UNDO to delete last input and CLEAR to empty the form.
  • Use SAVE FORM button to save your query as a bookmark and to reuse it in the future.
  • If the box "Exact match of words" is marked, you can also use the $ mask for root searching.

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